Ubly Bean Knife Manufacturing, Inc

The photo was taken using Ubly Peanut Digger Blades, Ubly Lifting Fingers, and Ubly Idler Wheels. Complete digging, cutting tap roots, even windrows for better drying, and digging depth correct for the best cut. No guessing.

Ubly Bean Knife Manufacturing, Inc

The photo was taken in Atmore, Alabama Grower peanut loss comparison: conventional blades and fingers vs. Ubly blades and lifting fingers. Tests averaged:

Conventional (left): 12.5 peanuts lost per square foot
1460 lbs. of peanuts loss per acre at $355.00 per ton, that’s $262.80 loss per acre

Ubly (right): 3 peanuts lost per square foot 350 lbs. of peanuts lost per acre at $355.00 per ton, that’s a $63.00 loss per acre

Ubly Bean Knife Manufacturing, Inc

The photo was taken after using a conventional blade vs. Ubly Peanut Digger Blade in the same field, and each used the same amount of time.

Left: conventional blade used up. Needs replacing

Right: Ubly blade is still sharp and straight. It can continue to use for many additional acres.


Had your bean knives from a previous machine I bought used. Just bought a new machine and it had their knives on it. Found yours and put them on and WOW was I impressed in how they work.

- Pembina, ND

Real good blades, been to others farms using other blades and can kick the dirt and see peanuts afterwards, and how do you tell them not to bother with using those others without ps...n them off ya know?

- Tommy Lee, Roosevelt County-Floyd, NM

Awful high but last a long time and I still buy em, others don’t work worth a darn. Yours I don’t have to worry about getting them in sharp or worrying morning and night whether they’re going to stay sharp-I know they will

- Brownfield, TX

Neighbor told me about your peanut blades, says definitely worth it.

- Reevesville, SC

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