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We get a lot of great feedback about our products. Here's a few comments that were either gleaned from a poll we conducted or by direct, personal contact.

John Deere Using Ubly Products

Had your bean knives from a previous machine I bought used. Just bought a new machine and it had their knives on it. Found yours and put them on and WOW was I impressed in how they work. -Pembina, ND

Real good blades, been to others farms using other blades and can kick the dirt and see peanuts afterwards, and how do you tell them not to bother with using those others without ps...n them off ya know? - Tommy Lee, Roosevelt County-Floyd, NM

I think the world of ya'lls blades, how come you didn't go up in price with cost of steel and all? - Dalzell, SC

Awful high but last a long time and I still buy em, others don't work worth a darn. Yours I don't have to worry about getting them in sharp or worrying morning and night whether they're going to stay sharp-I know they will - Brownfield, TX

Neighbor told me about your peanut blades, says definitely worth it. - Reevesville, SC

Done about 500 acres so far -- still getting peanuts, sure like them blades -- sure glad I got em

Got 1400 acres last year and 600 this year also, still using them. Work great. Very pleased with them
Ordered 18 blades and 6 sets of fingers for his two machines.

You don't have to sell your blades to me, I know all about em, I'm one of your oldest customers
Using Ubly peanut digging products since 1996.

Been usin' your blades about 5 years now and I'm really impressed. They done a real good job
Ordered lifters and wheels.

Friend says he's got fields he can't plow unless he uses Ubly Blades.

Friend says with 6 row does excellent job. Visible difference after digging. No brainer, just order them.

Used two years, dug 300 acres. Standard blades dig 50 acres. That equals 6 times more acres dug with Ubly Blades.

Dug 600 acres without touching them. Really liked Ubly Blades.

One set Ubly Blades dug 95 acres. Usually use 5 sets. Change standard blades about every 20 acres. Excellent job cutting tap roots. Did not crowd vines toward the middles. Worked very good on twin rows.

Jesse Lott, Hayward, Oklahoma said that he loses about 2/3 less peanuts with Ubly Blades.

So far dug 120 acres with one set Ubly Blades. Changes standard blades every 2 to 30 acres and grinds daily.

Two sets Ubly Blades dug 350 acres. Uses 7 to 11 sets of standard blades. Said good in hard ground and grassy sand conditions.

Soil is clay and rock. Well worth the money. They are what they say they are.

I dug 185 acres with one set and continued to use this season with no maintenance.

Gets about 80 acres with Ubly. Standard blades are changed every 12 to 20 acres.

One set Ubly Blades dug 55 acres this year so far. Uses 5 sets standard blades per year. Order for more Ubly Blades enclosed.

Two sets Ubly Blades dug 180 acres. Usually uses 12 sets standard blades. One set digs about 15 acres, had to remove and sharpen standard blades every 10 to 20 acres. Didn't have to change blades but once all season, which saves us time and trouble.

Ubly Blades dug 41 acres. Standard blades dig 12 to 14 acres. When we started digging the ground was very soft after raining, but the blades still cut the roots very well. Later one, another field the ground was extremely hard. Although the bolts holding the blades would break, the blades never broke or bent. We were very pleased with the Ubly Blades.

Put on one set of Ubly Blades and one set of new hardfaced standard blades on 4 row KMC digger. Sharpened the standard blades twice a yearwere worn out after about 75 acres. After 200 acres dug, the Ubly Blades are still sharp and not worn out much.

Ubly Blades dug two years = 140 acres. Standard blades changed every 20 to 25 acres because of losing peanuts.
Ubly Blades last about 6 times longer. Editor's Comment

Losing about half as much peanuts with the Ubly Blades as compared to the standard blades. We were well pleased with the Ubly Blades.

One peanut grower called and said that he was losing half his peanuts and changing blades every two acres. His neighbor had the Ubly Blades and he saw they dug 30 acres. So, he said, "Send me a set of Ubly Blades overnight air. I won't dig anymore until they get here.

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