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About Us

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Ubly Peanut Digger Blade Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Ubly Bean Knife Manufacturing, Inc. and was established in 1988. John J. Misico, founder of the Corporation originally founded the Ubly Welding and Machine Shop in 1946 as a farm repair and machine shop in Ubly, Michigan.

The manufacturing plant was built and equipped for manufacturing peanut digger blades and dry edible bean harvesting knives and is located at 1388 Hill Road, Manistee, Michigan 49660.

Lois Misico, President, Richard Staffeld, plant manager, as well as all other personnel, are dedicated to help the peanut grower to the best of their ability. We strive for excellence in manufacturing, shipping and service. Our staff is available to answer questions and to help ensure that customers are satisfied with our product.

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History and Origin of the Ubly Peanut Blades

In 1988, Dallas Hartzog of Wiregrass Experimental substation in Headland, Alabama wrote to Ubly Welding and Machine Shop in Ubly Michigan. (Mr. Hartzog heard of our dry edible bean harvesting knives, which are somewhat similar to the peanut digger blades.) He asked if we could make a peanut digger blade that dug peanuts better than the blades available at that time. Mr. Hertzog said that there was great demand for a digger blade that would reduce losses, have better performance, improve quality and wear longer.

We designed a digger blade that has a wear resistant, thin alloy steel, hardfaced, cutting edge 1-1/2 inch wide the full length of the blade and took them to Dallas Hartzog, who then had four Alabama peanut growers test them. First, we saw an improvement from the standard blades when our blades immediately entered the ground to the pre-determined depth when the digger was lowered. Second, they cut the tap roots and uniformly elevated the peanuts. Third, there was noticeable complete inverting. Fourth, the blades always remained sharp and cut the tap roots until the 1-1/2 inch wide thin cutting edge was worn off.

Using the information gathered there, we further improved the design of those peanut blades to the extent that they now are the most efficient, high quality, labor saving, and profit making peanut digger blades available on the market today. They save time and energy, with less cost.

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